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Subscribe today for instant access to one or both of the databases available through Crockford Online: Crockford's Clerical Directory and the Church of England Year Book. Save 20% when you choose a combined subscription. 

Crockford's Clerical Directory includes biographies of over 27,000 Anglican clergy dating back to 1968.

The Church of England Year Book includes further information on the local and national structures of the Church of England and related organizations. 


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A single license for sharing between clergy, administrators and ministry team members within a single church, parish or chaplaincy.

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A multi-church license, for sharing between team members in a Group or Team ministry, or within a greater church, cathedral, medium charity, or theological training institution. 

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For use by staff in a single diocesan office or large charity, or by networked staff and users in a single Public Library, Higher Education or theological training institution.

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  • University (entire)

For use by staff, office holders, and registered users throughout a Public Library network, University, or other institution requiring network access across multiple sites.

Top Band institution

  • Diocese with three or more area offices
  • Diocesan network (shared by diocesan staff, Bishop's office, archdeacons and cathedral)


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