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Free ‘NAN’ subscriptions will end Monday 3 June 2019

From Monday 3 June 2019, all diocesan offices, cathedrals and bishops' offices will require a purchased subscription to access records on Crockford Online.

All free subscriptions set up under the original 'NAN' scheme will end on that date. If your office has not purchased a Crockford subscription you will be able to sign in to the website as normal, but full biographies and parish information will be locked.


To keep Crockford Online access from June 2019 onwards you (or your office) will need to purchase a subscription.

An individual subscription will allow one person to access Crockford Online from any computer, tablet or smartphone. Serving bishops, cathedral deans and diocesan secretaries in the Church of England can purchase this subscription at a discount.

An institution subscription provides access to Crockford Online for multiple users, for example all the staff in a diocesan office, at a cathedral or a bishops' office.

Staff members in the office are logged in automatically via IP address authentication - no need to share passwords or complex login instructions.

Individual post-holder logins can be created for any staff members who need to access Crockford remotely.

Church of England diocesan offices, bishops' offices and cathedrals are eligible for a discount on institution subscriptions.

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Why we are making this change

Before the Crockford website was first launched 15 years ago, a basic look-up service had been in place that was accessible only to Church of England bishops, cathedral deans, diocesan secretaries and their immediate staff, and staff of the National Church Institutions.

Around 200 of those staff and office-holders were given free access to Crockford Online when the service launched. By 2018, the numbers of people making use of such accounts had increased at least fivefold, as more organisations introduced networked IT systems, with many accounts being shared by a far wider group than originally envisaged.

With Crockford print sales falling dramatically – over 50% in the last decade – and with the new GDPR requiring us to be more accountable for who is accessing information on individuals in our database, we have taken action to reform the system to encourage responsible and accountable use of data and to protect the revenue which funds the work of the Crockford compilation team.

We, of course, rely heavily on Bishops’, diocesan and cathedral offices for much of the data contained in Crockford (and also The Church of England Year Book). The new system is designed to ensure that those who were previously eligible for free access to Crockford  – and many others who were not – enjoy a significant discount on access to both Crockford and the Year Book online.