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10 Benefits of the New Crockford Online

10 Benefits of the New Crockford Online

It’s over ten years since the first Crockford website was launched, and we’re delighted to be unveiling a completely re-engineered website as we enter a second decade online.

Here are just a few of the improvements and new features to look out for:



  1. A brand-new edition of Crockford every day

    It’s still going strong after 157 years, but a new print edition of Crockford is only produced every other year. This new site will be refreshed after every working day to keep the data as up-to-date as possible. 

  2. Common-sense searching from any page

    The new Crockford search bar is simple and intuitive. Search for clergy by their everyday name – no need to put surnames ahead of forenames or initials. And our Education Search has a simple dropdown list of theological colleges and courses, making it much easier to find former classmates.

  3. Find the right result faster with filters

    Finding exactly which Reverend Smith or Jones you are looking for could take time – but our new category filters are here to help. Filter people results by diocese or by type of post; and filter place results by type or by diocese.

  4. Browse – the new way to explore what’s where

    The new Browse page allows you to ‘thumb through’ the structure of the Churches included. Just click on any diocese listed to start exploring. You can also explore 'in reverse' - just click on the ‘breadcrumb trail’ at the top of any benefice page to see where it fits into the structure.

  5. Abbreviations avoided …

    The print edition of Crockford relies heavily on abbreviated forms for reasons of space. This new site gives names in full wherever possible, rather than requiring a key.

  6. … and acronyms explained!

    Where qualifications and honours (e.g. BA, PhD, MBE) appear in biographies, simply hover over or tap any with a dotted underline to see an explanation of the acronym. 

  7. Search by parish or church, as well as by benefice

    The website now include details of the parishes and churches which belong to each benefice. You can also search by the name of a parish, which may be quite different to the benefice it belongs to.

  8. More free content – including a glossary of key terms

    Crockford Online has always offered a range of useful, free information. This is now expanded and includes a handy glossary of key terms, as well as popular pages such as How to Address the Clergy.

  9. New, cheaper institutional subscriptions

    Subscribers in parish offices, charities, libraries and other groups can now benefit from clearer subscription bands. The new Small Institution price is 38% cheaper than its equivalent on the old site.

  10. One less password to remember!

    Crockford online is now part of the Hymns Ancient and Modern family of websites - meaning that you only need one username and password for a range of sites including Crockford, Church House Publishing and Church Times.