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National Structure Listings

 Archbishops' Personal Staff

Archbishop of Canterbury's Personal Staff

Archbishop of York's Personal Staff


The General Synod of the Church of England

The General Synod of the Church of England

Composition of the General Synod

House of Bishops

House of Clergy

House of Laity


Principal Committees

The Business Committee

The Legislative Committee

The Standing Orders Committee


Principal Commissions

The Clergy Discipline Commission 

The Crown Nominations Commission

The Dioceses Commission

The Faith and Order Commission

The Fees Advisory Commission

The Legal Advisory Commission

The Legal Aid Commission

The Liturgical Commission


The Convocations of Canterbury and York

Members of the Convocations



The Archbishops' Council

The Archbishops' Council

The Appointments Committee of the Church of England

Audit Committee

Finance Committee

Investment Committee

Central Secretariat

National Safeguarding Team

The Council for Christian Unity

Ministry Division

The Central Readers' Council

Mission and Public Affairs Division

Education Office

Cathedral and Church Buildings Division

The Church Buildings Council

The Cathedrals Fabric Commission for England

Church House Publishing

Life Events

Renewal and Reform


Church of England Central Services

Finance and Resources

Risk Management and Internal Audit

Research and Statistics

Information Technology Services

Libraries and Archives

Human Resources Department

Remuneration and Conditions of Service Committee

The Legal Office

Communications Office


The Church Commissioners for England

The Church Commissioners for England

The Church Commissioners and Board of Governors


Assets Committee

Audit and Risk Committee

Bishoprics and Cathedrals Committee

Mission and Pastoral Committee

Church Buildings (Uses and Disposals) Committee


The Church of England Pensions Board

The Church of England Pensions Board



Other Boards, Councils, Commissions, etc of the Church of England

The Churches Conservation Trust

CCLA Investment Management Limited

The CBF Church of England Funds

The Corporation of the Church House

The National Society (Church
of England and Church in Wales) for the Promoting of Education


The Ecclesiastical Courts

The Ecclesiastical Courts & Disciplinary Tribunals 

Appeal Panels