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Use this newly expanded section to find individuals in particular types of appointment and specialist institutions and networks.

The lists are free to browse, but a Crockford subscription is required to access individual clergy records. A subscription to the Year Book is required to access records of post-holders (such as General Synod members) within those listings marked with a Y Icon 26 2X

For details of bishops, archdeaconries, deaneries, cathedrals and diocesan officers and departments, please visit the Dioceses page.


Anglican Dioceses Overseas

Bishops in the House of Lords

Cathedrals in the Church of England, the Church in Wales, The Scottish Episcopal Church and the Church of Ireland

Chaplains to His Majesty's Services

Clergy who have died since the 2024/25 print edition of Crockford

Y Icon 26 2X Church Universities and Higher Education Colleges

Educational Chaplains

Y Icon 26 2X The General Synod of the Church of England Membership

Historical Successions of Archbishops and Bishops  

Hospital/Hospice Chaplains

Prison Chaplains

Y Icon 26 2X Religious Communities

Royal appointments

Theological Education Institutions