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Description of arms. Party per pale: dexter gules, two swords in saltire proper, the hilts in base or, and on a chief azure a harp or stringed argent (for the See of Derry); sinister ermine, a chief per pale azure and or, the first charged with a sun in splendour of the last, the second with a cross pattée gules (for the See of Raphoe).

Derry and Raphoe

   Caencomhrac 927

–937 Finachta MacKellach

–949 Mael Finnen


(Where the See was in the twelfth

and the thirteenth centuries)

1107 Mael Coluim O Brolchain

 — Mael Brigte O Brolchain

1152 O Gormgaile Muiredach O Cobthaig [Mauricius]

1173 Amhlaim O Muirethaig

1185 Fogartach O Cerballain [Florentius]

c.1230 Gilla in Coimhded O Cerballain [Germanus]

c.1280 Fogartach O Cerballain II [Florentius]


(Where the See was resettled)

1295 Enri Mac Airechtaig [O'Reghly] [of Ardagh]

1297 Gofraid MacLochlainn [Godfrey]

1316 Aed O Neill [Odo]

1319 Michael Mac Lochlainn [Maurice]

1349 Simon

1391 Johannes

1391 John Dongan

1394 Seoan O Mochain

1398 Aodh [Hugo]

1401 Seoan O Flannabhra

1415 Domhnall Mac Cathmhail

1419 Domhnall O Mearaich

1429 Eoghan O Domhnaill [Eugenius]

1433 John Oguguin

[1456 John Bole, appointment not completed, translated to Armagh]

1458 Bartholomew O Flannagain

c.1464 Johannes

1467 Nicholas Weston

1485 Domhnall O Fallamhain

1501 Seamus mac Pilip Mac Mathghamna [MacMahon]

1520 Ruaidhri O Domhnaill

1520 Rory O'Donnell

1554 Eugene O'Doherty

1568 F. [doubtful authority]

1569 Redmond O'Gallagher

[1603 Denis Campbell, not consecrated]

1605 George Montgomery

1610 Brutus Babington

[1611 Christopher Hampton, consecrated]

1613 John Tanner

1617 George Downham

1634 John Bramhall

1661 George Wild

1666 Robert Mossom

1680 Michael Ward

1681 Ezekiel Hopkins

1691 William King

1703 Charles Hickman

1714 John Hartstonge

1717 St George Ashe

1718 William Nicolson

1727 Henry Downes

1735 Thomas Rundle

1743 Carew Reynell

1745 George Stone

1747 William Barnard

1768 Frederick Augustus Hervey [afterwards Earl of Bristol]

1803 William Knox

1831 Richard Ponsonby

Raphoe united to Derry from 1834

1853 William Higgin

1867 William Alexander

1896 George Alexander Chadwick (resigned)

1916 Joseph Irvine Peacocke

1945 Robert M’Neil Boyd

1958 Charles John Tyndall

1970 Cuthbert Irvine Peacocke

1975 Robert Henry Alexander Eames

1980 James Mehaffey

2002 Kenneth Raymond Good

2019 Andrew James Forster