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How to access My Clergy Page

If you are serving in, or were ordained in, the British Isles, you can apply to access your online Crockford biography, completely free of charge.

Use My Clergy Page to:

  • See what information we publish about you
  • Inform us of any changes to your biography or contact details
  • Update your data permissions and preferences
  • Opt in to (or out of) your biography appearing in Crockford in print and online


Set up access to your clergy biography

Follow these steps to access your clergy record for the first time:

  1. Create a personal login for this website, if you do not have one already, and sign in.

    This is your Hymns Ancient & Modern account. We recommend that you use a personal email address to register. This account will remain yours throughout any changes of appointment.

    NB: Your office or library may provide access to Crockford Online via an institution subscription. In order to access My Clergy Page you will need to log in to this website again using a personal email address and password.

  2. Go to My Clergy Page. You will see either:

    a) Your clergy biography as it appears on Crockford Online.
    In this case we were able to confirm a match to your record based on your Hymns Ancient & Modern account details. You can start using My Clergy Page straight away.

    b) An option to verify your account.
    We need to confirm some details before linking your Hymns Ancient & Modern account to your clergy record. Click on complete the verification process and submit the short form. We will notify you by email when your account has been matched.


Frequently asked questions

Do I need a subscription to access My Clergy Page?

No, My Clergy Page is a free service and does not require a subscription to Crockford Online.


Can I still use My Clergy Page if I've chosen not to appear in Crockford Online?

Yes, you can still use My Clergy Page to update your data permissions and inform us of any changes. Your contact details and appointment history will be hidden. Your entire clergy biography will remain hidden from all other Crockford Online users.


The online matching process failed to find my clergy record. Who do I contact?

If the online matching process fails to find your page, it could be because our records are out of date. Please contact the Crockford team at crockford@churchofengland.org.


What do I do if my clergy record has already been linked to a Hymns Ancient & Modern account?

We have multiple email addresses on record for many clergy, so it is possible that your page has been linked to a Hymns Ancient & Modern account set up using an old or secondary address.

To transfer your clergy page to your current email address please contact the Crockford team at crockford@churchofengland.org.

NB If you experience difficulties logging into your Clergy Page account, it is possible that you have already registered under a different email address. Please try logging in with other email addresses you hold before contacting us.


How do I make sure I will be included in the next print edition of Crockford's Clerical Directory?

To give your consent to appear in the next edition, or to withdraw consent, go to My Clergy Page and sign in. Click on update your permissions. You can choose to appear in the next print edition, the online directory, in both or in neither. You will receive a confirmation email after submitting your choices.


Why does My Clergy Page show *some contact details have been withheld from publication*?

There are contact details linked to your clergy record, for example a personal telephone number or email address, which are not published in Crockford Online.

This message is only visible to you when you view your own page. It will not show on your clergy biography when viewed by other Crockford Online users.


How do I change the email address I use to sign in to My Clergy Page?

If you still have access to your old email inbox: go to myaccount.hymnsam.co.uk/change-login. Sign in with your old email address and password (use the forgotten password link if required). Once signed in, change the saved email address to your current one. We recommend using a personal email address.

If you cannot access your website account: contact crockford@hymnsam.co.uk.


The information on My Clergy Page is wrong. How do I get this changed?

Go to My Clergy Page and use the "update this entry" button to submit corrections.

Alternatively, email the Crockford compilation team: crockford@churchofengland.org.


Why are some of my appointments missing from Crockford?

Crockford only lists appointments relating to ordained ministry. Educational roles, school governerships, Scout group roles, and other similar appointments will not be included on your record.