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Managing an institution subscription

An institution subscription provides access to the directory for multiple users.

You can set up access in one or more of these ways:

IP address authentication – register your IP address(es) to provide automatic access for everyone in your office.

Post-holder accounts – create individual username and passwords for staff who work remotely.

Referring URL - redirect users to Crockford Online from a password protected page on your own website.

EZProxy - libraries and colleges using EZProxy can also offer remote access to their members by registering their EZProxy IP address.


Getting started

1. Go to myaccount.hymnsam.co.uk and sign in with your administrator login.

Your administrator login is the email address and password used when purchasing your subscription. (The email address we send order confirmations and renewal reminders to.)

If you do not know your administrator login details, please contact crockford@hymnsam.co.uk.

2. On the Institution Admin page enter your institution name.

Institution Name 1

Users will see this at the top of the screen when accessing Crockford Online via your account.


Changing your admin email address or password

Sign in to myaccount.hymnsam.co.uk and go to Change Login.

Please use a current email address – this is the address subscription renewals and password reminders will be sent to.


IP address authentication

Registering your IP addresses grants automatic access to the full Crockford directory for everyone in your office. Your IT department should be able to supply the relevant IP addresses.

1. Sign in to myaccount.hymnsam.co.uk with your administrator login.

2. On the Institution Admin page go to the IP Addresses tab and click on Add new IP address.

3. Enter your IP address range in the box provided and click save.

IP Address

This can be a single address (e.g. or an address range (e.g. You can save multiple IP addresses.

Anyone visiting the Crockford website from one of your IP addresses will be logged in automatically.


Access via EZProxy

If your institution uses EZProxy you can also set up remote access to the directory for your members.

On the Institution Admin page simply register your EZProxy IP address in the same way as your office IP address.


Post-holder logins

A post-holder account allows an individual staff member to access the directory using their own email address and password.

1. Sign in to myaccount.hymnsam.co.uk and go to Institution Admin.

2. On the post-holder accounts tab click on the button to add a new account.

3. Enter the email address and the job title of the person the account is for. Click save.

Post Holder Account

4. An email will be sent to the post-holder with instructions to guide them through the process of creating their password and logging in to Crockford Online.

5. Once the post-holder has successfully signed in to Crockford Online their name will appear on the post-holder account list. You can revoke access at any time using the delete button.

New Post Holder


Access via referring URL

This option allows you to redirect your members to the Crockford website from a password-protected page on your own website.

1. On your own website, add a link to the Crockford website on a password-protected webpage.

This should be a secure page only your members can access (not a public webpage). Ensure you use the full Crockford URL including the https:// prefix.

2. Sign in to myaccount.hymnsam.co.uk with your administrator login

3. On the Institution Admin page go to the Referring URL tab.

4. Enter the full URL of your webpage in the box provided and click save.

Referring URL

To access Crockford Online your members should sign in to your own website then click on the link to the Crockford site. They will be redirected and signed in automatically.


Changing your access options

The access options for your members can be changed at any time. Simply go to myaccount.hymnsam.co.uk and sign in with your admin account details.


Contact us

For further support please contact crockford@hymnsam.co.uk.