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About Crockford & the Year Book

Crockford online is a web-based version of two essential reference works: Crockford's Clerical Directory and the Church of England Year Book. 

Crockford's Clerical Directory provides biographies of around 25,000 clergy and deaconesses in:

  • the Church of England (including the Diocese in Europe)
  • the Church in Wales
  • the Scottish Episcopal Church
  • the Church of Ireland

The Church of England Year Book is a vital source of information on the local and national structures of the Church of England and the people involved in them. It contains:

  • Further information on structures and personnel in English dioceses,
  • Details of the national bodies serving the Church of England,
  • Information on charities and societies involved in the work of the Church of England,
  • A Who's Who directory of key figures, lay and ordained, including General Synod members.

Crockford is available both in print and online; the Year Book is only available online.
With a few minor exceptions*, the content of the print edition is included in the online edition. 


* In accordance with GDPR, clergy may choose to withhold their contact and/or biographical details from either the print or online editions of Crockford, or both. Where a member of the clergy has asked for their details to be withheld, their name is listed against any appointments they hold, but no further information will be available. For more information please see the updated Crockford Privacy Notice relating to entries in the database.